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BLACK PANTHER: history of a king

COMIC PARADISE is proud to announce the latest addition to its family of stellar artists, DENYS COWAN! ON JAN 23/2018
This is the first time Denys has obtained representation for his original art work, so we are looking forward to opening his archive of amazing artwork to collectors and fans of the best art in comics.
COMIC PARADISE FAMILY: Dale Keown, Richard Pace, Craig Yeung, John McCrea, Nick Percival and now Denys Cowan!
Denys Cowan is an American comic book artist and television producer. Denys first gained
prominence as the artist on The Question. Denys was one of the founders of Milestone Media,
and later produced and directed the animated series, Static Shock, based on the Milestone
character he co-created.
His comic book credits include Batman: Blind Justice, Deathlok, Fight For Tomorrow, Cap vs
Black Panther in Flags of Our Fathers, Steel, Prince (for DC Comics), and more recently,
Django Unchained, the critically acclaimed Deathstroke: Chicago, Black Racer & Shilo Norman Special #1, Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic, Cover to Black Panther: history of a king, New Avengers, Batman convergence and JOHN WICK 2 movie poster.
Denys developed and produced the television series, The Boondocks. He later became Senior
Vice President of Animation for Black Entertainment Television. While at BET, he also
developed and was an Executive Producer on the animated Black Panther series.
Denys is featured in Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics, in the episode titled, The Color
of Comics, focusing on the history of Milestone Media.
Alongside Reginald Hudlin and Derek Dingle, Denys has successfully launched Milestone 2.0.
One of Milestone’s first projects is a co-venture with DC Comics called Earth M, which
reintroduces the Dakota Universe of characters, including Icon & Rocket and Static Shock!.